Hero Bullion Review: Legit Gold and Silver or Scam? {2024}

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Last Updated: November 16, 2023

In the world of precious metals investing, the name “Hero Bullion” has been making waves.

As more and more individuals turn to gold, silver, and other precious metals as a hedge against economic uncertainties, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy dealer.

This article dives deep into Hero Bullion, offering insights, reviews, and essential information to help you make an informed decision.

Hero Bullion Quick Highlights

  • Reputable Dealer: Known for its transparency and customer-centric approach.
  • Diverse Product Range: Offers a wide variety of gold, silver, and other precious metal products.
  • Gold IRA Option: Provides an opportunity for retirement savings backed by gold.

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What is Hero Bullion?

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Hero Bullion is more than just a platform for buying precious metals; it represents a journey towards financial security and stability. The company recognizes the challenges and concerns that individuals face in today’s economic landscape, especially with the looming threats of economic turmoil, inflation, and irresponsible monetary policies. These concerns drive many to seek tangible assets that can serve as a reliable store of value, even in the most challenging times.

At its core, Hero Bullion aims to simplify the process of owning precious metals. They understand that for many, the world of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be daunting. Questions about what to buy, how to ensure a fair deal, and how to avoid counterfeit products can be overwhelming. Hero Bullion strives to eliminate these concerns by providing a straightforward buying experience.

Here are some key takeaways about Hero Bullion:

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Hero Bullion acknowledges the hard work and sacrifices individuals make to secure their financial future. They believe that everyone deserves an uncomplicated and transparent buying experience.
  • Educative Stance: The company understands that investing in precious metals is a significant decision. They are committed to addressing the myriad of questions that potential investors might have, ensuring that they make informed choices.
  • Transparent Dealings: With Hero Bullion, customers can expect no hidden fees, commissions, or high-pressure sales calls. The focus is solely on providing quality bullion at competitive prices.
  • Commitment to Authenticity: One of the primary concerns in the precious metals market is the risk of counterfeit products. Hero Bullion emphasizes the authenticity of their products, ensuring that customers receive genuine gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.
  • Swift and Simple Delivery: The company prides itself on its efficient delivery system. Customers can expect their chosen bullion to be delivered promptly, without any complications.

In essence, Hero Bullion positions itself as a trusted ally for those looking to navigate the world of precious metals. Their commitment to transparency, education, and customer satisfaction makes them a standout choice for both novice and seasoned investors.

What Products Does Hero Bullion Offer?

a selection of gold bars from Hero Bullion

Hero Bullion is a premier destination for those looking to invest in precious metals, and their product range reflects their commitment to providing a comprehensive selection for their customers.

Their product lineup includes:

  1. Gold and Silver: At the heart of Hero Bullion’s offerings are gold and silver products. These metals have historically been the go-to choices for investors looking for a tangible store of value. Whether you’re interested in coins, bars, or rounds, Hero Bullion ensures that you have access to high-quality gold and silver products.
  2. Platinum and Palladium: Beyond the traditional gold and silver, Hero Bullion also recognizes the value of other precious metals like platinum and palladium. These metals, while less common than gold and silver, offer unique investment opportunities and diversification potential for those looking to broaden their precious metals portfolio.
  3. Tangible Assets: One of the standout features of Hero Bullion’s offerings is the emphasis on tangible assets. Every product they offer is something you can physically hold, store, and transport. This tangibility is a significant draw for many investors, especially in uncertain economic times.
  4. Authenticity Guaranteed: While not a product per se, it’s worth noting that Hero Bullion places a strong emphasis on the authenticity of their offerings. This commitment ensures that customers are protected from counterfeit products, which can be a concern in the precious metals market.
  5. Diverse Range: The mention of “the right bullion, at great prices” suggests that Hero Bullion offers a diverse range of products tailored to different investment goals and budgets. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Hero Bullion aims to provide products that align with your investment objectives.

In conclusion, Hero Bullion offers a curated selection of precious metals, ensuring that customers have access to high-quality, authentic products. Their range, while centered on gold and silver, also extends to other precious metals, providing a holistic investment platform for those keen on tangible assets.

How to Buy Bullion

Purchasing bullion from Hero Bullion is a seamless process:

  1. Browse the Catalog: Navigate through their extensive product range.
  2. Add to Cart: Select the desired items and quantity.
  3. Checkout: Provide shipping details and make the payment.
  4. Delivery: Hero Bullion ensures secure and insured delivery to your doorstep.

Hero Bullion Prices

In the competitive world of precious metals, pricing plays a pivotal role in influencing an investor’s decision. Hero Bullion, as a prominent dealer in this space, offers a range of products, each with its unique pricing structure. While the exact prices can fluctuate based on market conditions, several factors influence Hero Bullion’s pricing strategy:

  1. Spot Price: The most significant determinant of bullion prices is the spot price of the metal in question, be it gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. Hero Bullion’s prices are likely aligned with the current market rates, ensuring competitiveness.
  2. Product Type: Different products come with varying price tags. For instance, a 1 oz gold bar might be priced differently than a 1 oz gold coin due to factors like minting costs, design intricacies, and brand value.
  3. Volume Discounts: Like many dealers, Hero Bullion might offer volume discounts. This means the more you buy, the lower the price per unit. Such discounts can be especially beneficial for bulk investors.
  4. Special Deals: As observed from their dedicated ‘deals’ page, Hero Bullion periodically offers promotions and discounts on select products, providing an opportunity for investors to get more value for their money.
  5. Premiums: Over and above the spot price, dealers typically charge a premium. This covers the costs associated with minting, distribution, and retailing the products. Hero Bullion’s premiums are likely competitive, given their reputation in the market.
  6. Shipping and Handling: While not directly a part of the product price, shipping and handling costs can influence the overall amount an investor pays. It’s worth noting if Hero Bullion offers free shipping thresholds or any other delivery-related promotions.
  7. Market Dynamics: External factors like geopolitical events, economic policies, and global demand and supply can influence precious metal prices. Hero Bullion, being a market-driven platform, would adjust its prices in response to such dynamics.

In conclusion, while the exact prices of products on Hero Bullion would need a direct consultation from their platform or associated reviews, it’s evident that multiple factors influence their pricing strategy. As always, potential investors should do their due diligence, compare prices across different platforms, and consider all associated costs before making a purchase.

Hero Bullion Deals

Hero Bullion, as a leading platform for precious metals, offers a dedicated ‘deals’ page that showcases some of the best offers on quality gold, silver, and platinum bullion. This page is periodically updated with limited-time deals that are exclusive to Hero Bullion, making it a must-visit for both seasoned investors and newcomers. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. Bullion Coin Deals: Hero Bullion offers deals on gold and silver coins, which are among the most popular products they sell. They emphasize the importance of avoiding overpriced coins and ensuring that investors get quality bullion coins at reasonable prices. Some of the highlighted coins include:
    • American Gold Eagle: A renowned gold coin that features ‘Walking Liberty’ on the obverse and a bald eagle’s head on the reverse for the Type 2 design.
    • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf: A .9999 pure gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, showcasing the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf.
    • South African Krugerrand: A 22 karat gold coin with a rich history, featuring Paul Kruger on the obverse and the springbok antelope on the reverse.
  2. Silver Coins for Investing: Hero Bullion provides tips on choosing the right silver coins for investment. They emphasize the importance of researching prices and comparing them across different dealers to ensure the best deals.
  3. Best Bullion Bar Deals: For those who prefer bullion bars over coins, Hero Bullion offers deals on gold and silver bars. These bars are ideal for direct investment in bullion without the added premiums of coins. They source bars from reputable mints like Perth Mint, the Asahi Mint, and the Royal British Mint.
  4. How to Buy Precious Metals: Hero Bullion guides its customers on the best practices for buying precious metals. They emphasize understanding the difference between spot price and premium costs, researching prices, and ensuring proper storage of precious metals.
  5. Shipping Procedures: Hero Bullion takes pride in its shipping policies, ensuring that products are delivered safely and securely. They offer free shipping for orders over $149 and insure all shipments during transit.
  6. Avoiding Counterfeit Coins: Authenticity is paramount for Hero Bullion. They source coins from reputable mints and distributors and vet them for authenticity before shipping.
  7. Best Deals on Gold and Silver: Hero Bullion regularly updates its deals page to offer competitive prices on gold and silver. They aim to provide a transparent pricing model, ensuring that customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

Hero Bullion’s deals page is a treasure trove for precious metal enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to invest in coins or bars, Hero Bullion ensures that you get quality products at competitive prices. Their commitment to authenticity, customer service, and transparent pricing makes them a top choice for precious metal investments.

Does Hero Bullion Offer a Gold IRA?

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No, Hero Bullion does not offer a Gold IRA option. A Gold IRA allows individuals to invest in physical gold as part of their retirement savings.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gold IRAs, we recommend grabbing this free gold IRA kit from Goldco.

Hero Bullion Pros and Cons

When considering an investment platform, especially in the realm of precious metals, it’s essential to weigh the advantages and potential drawbacks. Hero Bullion, as a prominent player in this space, offers several benefits but, like all platforms, may have areas of improvement. Here’s a balanced look at the pros and cons of Hero Bullion:


  1. Diverse Product Range: Hero Bullion offers a wide variety of products, from gold and silver to platinum and palladium, catering to different investor preferences.
  2. Transparency: The platform is known for its transparent dealings, ensuring no hidden fees or unexpected costs.
  3. Educational Resources: Hero Bullion provides valuable insights and guidance for both novice and seasoned investors, making the precious metals journey more accessible.
  4. Reputation: With positive reviews and a customer-centric approach, Hero Bullion has established itself as a trustworthy dealer in the market.
  5. Competitive Pricing: With periodic deals and competitive pricing structures, investors can often find good value for their money.
  6. Secure Shipping: The emphasis on insured and secure delivery ensures that your investment reaches you safely.
  7. Authenticity Guarantee: Hero Bullion’s commitment to sourcing products from reputable mints and ensuring their authenticity provides peace of mind to investors.


  1. Limited Physical Presence: As an online dealer, those who prefer in-person consultations might find Hero Bullion less appealing.
  2. Market Fluctuations: While not unique to Hero Bullion, the prices of precious metals can be volatile. Investors need to be aware of market dynamics when making a purchase.
  3. Shipping Costs: While they might offer free shipping over certain thresholds, smaller orders could incur shipping fees, adding to the overall cost.
  4. Availability of Products: Given the demand for certain products, there might be occasions when specific items are out of stock.

While Hero Bullion offers numerous advantages for those looking to invest in precious metals, potential investors should consider both the pros and cons. It’s always advisable to conduct thorough research, consult reviews, and understand one’s investment goals before making a decision.

Hero Bullion Reviews and Ratings

Hero Bullion has garnered positive reviews from its clientele. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Trustworthiness: Many customers praise Hero Bullion for its transparent dealings and no hidden fees.
  • Product Quality: Investors appreciate the authenticity and quality of the products received.
  • Customer Service: The responsive and knowledgeable customer service team is a recurring highlight in reviews.

Here’s some feedback worth sharing from a few verified customers:

Easy experience as always. Best prices of all the online bullion dealers.

Great company to deal with. Very happy with my purchase. Great prices, fast and discreet shipping.

Very easy to sort through stock, easy to adjust cart, very quick delivery… it’s been a pleasure shopping!

You can read more reviews at the Hero Bullion website.

Deciding if Hero Bullion is Right for You

In the realm of precious metals investment, choosing the right dealer is paramount. With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which platform aligns best with your investment goals and preferences. Hero Bullion has emerged as a notable contender in this space, but is it the right choice for you? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Your Investment Goals:
    • Short-Term vs. Long-Term: Are you looking for quick returns or a long-term hedge against economic uncertainties? Hero Bullion caters to both types of investors, but understanding your timeline can help you select the right products.
    • Diversification: If you’re keen on diversifying your portfolio with a mix of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, Hero Bullion’s diverse product range can be a significant advantage.
  2. Transparency and Trustworthiness:
    • Hero Bullion prides itself on transparent dealings. If you value no hidden fees, straightforward pricing, and a customer-centric approach, this platform might resonate with you.
    • Their commitment to authenticity ensures that you receive genuine products, safeguarding against the risks of counterfeit items.
  3. Educational Resources:
    • For newcomers to the world of precious metals, the learning curve can be steep. Hero Bullion offers insights and guidance, making the journey more accessible. If you value a platform that educates while it sells, Hero Bullion stands out.
  4. Pricing and Deals:
    • Everyone wants a good deal. Hero Bullion’s dedicated ‘deals’ page offers competitive prices on a range of products. If getting the best value for your money is a priority, it’s worth exploring their ongoing promotions.
  5. Shipping and Delivery:
    • Consider the logistics. Hero Bullion emphasizes secure and insured delivery, ensuring your investments reach you safely. Their shipping policies, including free shipping for orders over a certain value, can be a deciding factor for many.
  6. Customer Reviews and Reputation:
    • It’s always wise to see what other customers are saying. Hero Bullion has garnered positive reviews for its service, product quality, and transparency. Exploring these reviews can give you a clearer picture of what to expect.
  7. Customer Service:
    • The responsiveness and knowledge of the customer service team can make or break your experience. Hero Bullion is known for its attentive customer support, ready to assist with any queries or concerns.
  8. Flexibility:
    • Whether you’re looking to invest in a Gold IRA, purchase bullion bars, or explore limited edition collectibles, the flexibility of a platform’s offerings can be crucial. Hero Bullion’s diverse range ensures that various investment avenues are at your fingertips.

Deciding if Hero Bullion is right for you boils down to your investment goals, preferences, and values. By considering the factors mentioned above and aligning them with what Hero Bullion brings to the table, you can make a well-informed choice that suits your precious metals investment journey.


Hero Bullion has established itself as a reputable dealer in the precious metals market. With a diverse product range, transparent dealings, and a Gold IRA option, it caters to a wide spectrum of investors. As with any investment, due diligence is crucial, but Hero Bullion’s positive reviews and ratings make it a compelling choice for many.