Best Gold Bars to Buy for Investment: Updated List for 2024

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Last Updated: January 10, 2024

Investing in gold has been a cornerstone of financial security for centuries, offering a unique blend of stability and value preservation in times of economic uncertainty.

This article explores the best gold bars for investment, guiding you through various aspects of gold investment to make informed decisions.

Gold, as a precious metal, plays a significant role in diversification of investment portfolios, often acting as a safe-haven asset during market volatility.

Our journey will cover why gold bars are a preferred choice for investors, the top gold bars in the market, and essential insights into purchasing and storing gold bars.

Top 5 Gold Bars for Investors

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In the realm of gold bars, several brands and types stand out for their quality, reputation, and investment value. Here’s a look at the top five:

  1. Credit Suisse .9999 Gold Bar:
    • Renowned for their purity and quality.
    • These Swiss-made bars are a staple in investment portfolios and are known for their reliability and reputation in the precious metals market​​.
  2. Johnson Matthey Gold Bars:
    • A British company with a long history in metals production.
    • Known for a wide variety of sizes and simple yet secure cast gold ingots. Their bars are prized for their .9999 gold fineness and global trust​​.
  3. Perth Mint “Gold Minted Bars”:
    • Manufactured in Australia, offering a range of sizes from ½ oz to 1,000 oz.
    • These bars are known for their design featuring a hopping kangaroo and tamper-proof packaging, adding to their collectibility and investment appeal despite recent controversies​​​​.
  4. Valcambi Gold CombiBar:
    • A unique offering from the Swiss company Valcambi, these 50-gram bars are divisible into 50 individual 1-gram bars.
    • Their divisibility and .9999 fineness make them an innovative and practical choice for investors​​.
  5. Engelhard Gold Bars:
    • An American-based company with over 100 years of history.
    • Engelhard bars are known for their rarity and unique serial numbers, making them an attractive option for both investment-grade and collectible interests​​.

Each of these gold bars offers a unique blend of quality, trustworthiness, and investment potential, making them ideal choices for those looking to invest in physical gold.

Choosing the right gold bar size is crucial for aligning with your investment strategy. Here’s an overview of popular sizes and their value in the market:

  • 1 oz Gold Bars: Ideal for small-scale investors due to their affordability and ease of liquidity. They offer a balance between premium and size, making them a popular choice in the U.S. and Europe​​.
  • 10 oz Gold Bars: These larger bars cater to investors with a more significant investment budget. They usually come with a lower premium over the spot price, offering better value for money​​.
  • Kilobar (1000g/1kg): Highly popular in Asia and the Middle East, kilobars pack a substantial amount of gold into a compact form. They are known for their low premiums and high liquidity in global markets​​.
  • Large Bars (400 oz): Mostly used by institutional investors and central banks, these bars offer the lowest premiums. However, their size and cost make them impractical for most individual investors​​.

Understanding these sizes and their market dynamics is key to making informed decisions in gold investment.

Best Gold Bar Brands and Their Unique Features

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When investing in gold bars, the brand can significantly influence their value and reliability. Here are some of the top brands known for their quality and trustworthiness:

  • PAMP Suisse:
    • Famous for intricate designs and high-quality craftsmanship.
    • Known for thematic series like the Lady Fortuna, symbolizing trust and quality in gold investment​​.
  • Credit Suisse:
    • A symbol of reliability and a long-standing reputation in the precious metals market.
    • Offers bars with a focus on purity and simplicity, making them a staple for investors​​​​.
  • Valcambi:
    • Offers a wide range of weight options and competitive pricing.
    • Known for the innovative CombiBar, ideal for investors seeking divisibility and portability​​​​.
  • Heraeus:
    • A respected brand for its high purity levels and diverse size options.
    • German engineering and precision in gold bar manufacturing​​.
  • Royal Canadian Mint:
    • Renowned for producing high-quality bullion products.
    • Their bars are sought after for their purity and security features​​​​.

Each brand offers unique advantages, from design and craftsmanship to purity and global reputation. Choosing the right brand can enhance the value and security of your gold investment.

Investment-Grade vs Collectible Gold Bars

Gold bars can be categorized into two main types: investment-grade and collectible. Understanding the difference is crucial for aligning with your investment goals.

  • Investment-Grade Gold Bars:
    • Focused on purity, weight, and brand for maximizing return on investment.
    • Typically have higher purity levels and are more suited for investors looking at gold as a means of wealth preservation and portfolio diversification​​​​.
  • Collectible Gold Bars:
    • Emphasis on design, rarity, and numismatic value.
    • Often purchased by collectors and may carry a premium over their intrinsic gold value​​​​.

While investment-grade gold bars are generally preferred for their tangible asset value and lower premiums, collectible gold bars can offer unique designs and historical significance, adding a personal touch to an investment portfolio.

Understanding Gold Bar Pricing and Premiums

When investing in gold bars, understanding pricing and premiums is crucial. Here are key factors affecting the cost:

  • Purity and Weight: The higher the purity and weight, the higher the value. Investment-grade bars are usually .9999 pure gold​​.
  • Brand and Production Costs: Top brands often carry a premium due to their reputation and quality assurance. Production costs also affect pricing, with intricate designs generally costing more​​​​.
  • Spot Price of Gold: Gold bar prices are influenced by the current market or spot price of gold, which fluctuates based on economic factors​​.

Premiums over the spot price vary depending on the dealer and bar size. Generally, larger bars have lower premiums, offering better value for larger investments​​​​.

Gold Bars vs Gold Coins: Which is Better?

Investors often debate between gold bars and coins. Each has its advantages:

  • Gold Coins:
    • Often minted with detailed designs and carry cultural or historical significance.
    • Legal tender with a face value, potentially adding numismatic value​​.
    • Generally higher premiums due to design and minting costs​​.
  • Gold Bars:
    • Typically lower premiums over the spot price, offering more gold content for your investment​​.
    • Focused on purity and weight, making them a more straightforward investment option​​.

Your choice depends on your investment goals, whether prioritizing pure gold content (bars) or collectibility and design (coins).

Why Invest in Gold Bars?

Gold bars represent a practical and efficient way to invest in gold, offering several advantages:

  • Bulk Savings and Lower Premiums: Compared to other forms of gold like coins or jewelry, gold bars generally come with lower premiums over the spot price. This means more gold for your money, an essential aspect for investors looking to maximize their portfolio‘s value​​​​.
  • High-Purity and Weight Options: Gold bars are available in various sizes and purity levels, often up to .9999 fine, providing flexibility in investment choices and ensuring high-quality standards​​​​.
  • Easy Storage and Liquidity: Their uniform shape makes them easy to store and stack. Gold bars are also highly liquid, allowing investors to buy and sell them in the global market efficiently.

Investing in gold bars can be a strategic move for long-term wealth preservation and a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.

Where to Buy Gold Bars

Finding reputable sources to buy gold bars is essential for a safe investment. Here are the options:

  • Online Bullion Dealers:
    • Often offer competitive prices and a wide selection.
    • Examples include BullionVault, GoldBroker, and Money Metals Exchange, each offering different services and deals​​.
  • Local Dealers:
    • Allow for physical inspection of gold bars.
    • Might have higher premiums due to overhead costs​​.
  • Banks:
    • Some banks sell gold bars, offering an added sense of security.
    • Availability varies by region and bank policies​​.

When choosing a dealer, consider factors like pricing, reputation, customer service, and delivery options. Always verify the dealer’s credibility and read customer reviews to ensure a safe and satisfactory purchase.

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Conclusion and Next Steps

Investing in gold bars can be an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio, protect against economic uncertainties, and preserve wealth. When considering gold bars for investment:

  • Choose the right size and brand based on your investment goals.
  • Compare prices and premiums to get the best value.
  • Buy from reputable sources to ensure authenticity and quality.

As you embark on your gold investment journey, stay informed, consult experts, and make decisions that align with your financial objectives and risk tolerance.


Frequently asked questions are crucial for those new to gold investment. Here are some common queries:

  • Why are gold bars a good investment?
    • Gold bars offer a stable investment, good liquidity, and act as a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations.
    • They typically come with lower premiums over the spot price compared to other gold forms, making them cost-effective​​​​.
  • How do I verify the authenticity of gold bars?
    • Look for hallmarks of purity, weight, and the manufacturer’s mark.
    • Consider purchasing from reputable dealers who provide certified assay cards or use testing methods like ultrasonic thickness gauging​​.
  • Can gold bars be included in an IRA?
    • Yes, certain gold bars that meet purity standards (.999 or higher) are eligible for inclusion in a Precious Metals IRA.
    • Consult with an IRA custodian to ensure compliance with IRS rules​​​​.
  • How are gold bars taxed?
    • Gold bars are subject to capital gains tax if sold at a profit.
    • Tax laws vary by country and region, so consult a tax professional for specific advice​​.